Cacao Ceremony

100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Medicina Del Corazon

Once revered and respected as one of the most powerful plant medicines in the jungle, cacao was considered a symbol of the nourishment and abundance that Mother Nature provides.

A feminine energy, the cacao goddess Ixcacao was worshipped by the Mayan people and called upon to help the drinker deepen into the essence of their heart. Often facilitating profound spiritual journeys, she was a reminder to the people of their inherent connection to the earth.

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Our Story

About The Cacao Club

Connected to our devices but disconnected from nature and to an extent, ourselves.

The Cacao Club was born out of a deep desire to help people connect to the earth and to their own bodies in order to find deeper meaning and fulfilment.

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Love Club

Love Club is a free online community for cacao lovers around the world. We host monthly Cacao circles to help connect you to your heart and to the earth.

This is a place to connect with likeminded truth seekers looking to deepen their relationship with cacao and with themselves.

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