The Cacao Club Australia

Facilitator Bundle


This offering is perfect for those in service to the medicine of Cacao. Whether you share this medicine in group rituals and ceremonies or work with her as a daily supplement, this pack of 10 discs provides a cost-effective alternative for those who drink regularly. 

Each bundle contains 10 discs, choose from: 

Your Favourite Blend: Featuring 10 of the same blend. 

The Mixed Bag: Featuring 2 of each blend. 

Custom Selection: Your choice of any combination of 10 discs. Once you place your order, send us an email with your chosen combination.

Our Blends: 

  • Ceremonial Cacao Tonic to enhance Brain Power & Focus
  • Ceremonial Cacao Tonic to support Peaceful Sleep
  • Ceremonial Cacao Tonic to reduce Stress & Anxiety
  • Ceremonial Cacao Tonic to awaken Pleasure & Intimacy 
  •  Ceremonial Cacao Tonic for Ceremony


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