The Cacao Club

Dieta Bundle


Begin your journey with Cacao by immersing yourself in daily meetings with this sacred plant medicine. 

By sitting with Cacao over the course of a few consecutive days, you will become more familiar with her medicine, her subtle energies and her essence.

In this bundle, we have included all 5 of our original and best-selling Ceremonial Cacao Tonics. Perfect for those starting out or wanting to deepen their relationship with Ceremonial Cacao. Get ready to open yourself to a lifelong allyship with this healing plant!


  •  1 x 60g Ceremonial Cacao Tonic to enhance Brain Power & Focus
  •  1 x 60g Ceremonial Cacao Tonic to support Peaceful Sleep
  •  1 x 60g Ceremonial Cacao Tonic to reduce Stress & Anxiety
  •  1 x 60g Ceremonial Cacao Tonic to awaken Pleasure & Intimacy 
  •  1 x 60g Ceremonial Cacao Tonic for Ceremony


Specifically designed for drinking, Melt in a saucepan or blend with hot water or nut milk for the ultimate medicinal tonic. 

Each disk contains enough cacao for two strong medicinal tonics or 4 mild doses.  


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